Visit to Komotini

On December 14, 2022, a visit was made by the President of E.O.M.S. Mr. Kostis Liarommati, accompanied by the Federal Technician Mr. Dionysis Horafas, in the city of Komotini with the aim of promoting and developing baseball and softball in the said city, as well as in the wider region of Thrace and Eastern Macedonia. The meeting took place following the visit of the Federal Technician on November 23-24 to S.E.F.A.A. Komotinis for holding a lecture in the School's baseball/softball class.

The first visit of the representatives of the federation was the School of Science of Physical Education and Sports (SEFAA) Komotini. The representatives were welcomed by Professor Giorgos Kostas and the baseball/softball course teacher at the university Kostas Astrapellos. The two professors guided the representatives around the premises of the school and among other things they visited the Ergophysiology - Ergometry and Industrial Engineering laboratories of the School where the respective Professors Mr. Ilias Smilios and Mr. Nikos Angelousis presented the possibilities that the said laboratories can offer for baseball sports /softball.

After the completion of the tour, the representatives of E.O.M.S. met with the Dean of the School, Professor Eleni Douda. Through the discussion, an agreement was reached for the elaboration of a memorandum of cooperation between the University and the Federation, which will include, among other things, the prospect of creating a baseball field and a softball field in the S.E.F.A.A. area, the use of the School's facilities for training meetings of the National teams, the participation of baseball/softball athletes in the University's research and studies, the provision of the University by the Federation with material and equipment for use in the baseball/softball course , the joint organization of domestic and international University baseball/softball games.

Afterwards, the President of the Federation attended the baseball/softball class and addressed the students attending it (140 people in total). At the meeting with the students, the plan of the Federation was presented for the role of the coaches in the effort to develop the sports and the realization of its goals. A dialogue followed, where questions were answered on both sides and opinions were exchanged regarding the perspective of sports in our country.

The next stop for the representatives of the Federation, accompanied by Mr. Giorgos Kostas, was the City Hall of Komotini and the meeting with the Mayor of the city, Mr. Ioannis Garani. A presentation was made to the Mayor regarding the possibility of holding softball matches in Komotini. In particular, the thought was presented for, in principle, holding a four-nation tournament of National softball teams, at the beginning of the summer of 2023, with the ultimate goal of taking over the Balkan Softball Championship in September 2023. These two events will essentially be a precursor to taking over of an official tournament of the European Federation in 2024. The Mayor showed interest in the plan of the federation and was initially supportive of the proposals of the representatives of E.O.M.S.

Finally, the representatives of the Federation met with the Board of Directors of the Panthratik Stadium of Komotini. The purpose of the discussion was the utilization of unused spaces within the facilities of the Panthraki Stadium for the creation of a softball field. Federation representatives submitted a proposal regarding the requirements for the construction of a softball field, and analyzed possible prospects and benefits for the city and its residents from such an investment. After answering questions about the whole project, the Board of Directors will ask the General Secretariat of Sports about the possibility of implementing the proposal.

The discussions created a climate of optimism that baseball/softball sports will find supporters in Komotini and the city will become one of the main baseball/softball development centers in our country.