The schedule for the European Women’s Softball Championship has been announced by the ESF

The schedule for the European Women’s Softball Championship has been announced by the ESF. The first round games for Greece are:

June 25:
Greece-Netherlands 11:15
Germany-Greece 16:00

June 26:
Ireland-Greece 9:00
Greece-Lithuania 13:30

June 27:
Greece-Slovakia 13:30

For the full schedule follow the link:


Greek Softball Federation Announces First Athletes to 2017 Women’s National Team Roster

April 10, 2017

(Athens, Greece) – The Greek Softball Federation is pleased to announce the first seven athletes who have been selected to represent Greece at the European Softball Championship to be held in Bollate, Italy, from June 25 to July 1, 2017.
“I am excited with the first players chosen and anticipate a very strong showing from our team at this year’s European Championship” stated Head Coach Tony Foti. “We have a good mix of players with past international experience as well as some new players that will work very hard to represent Greece to the best of their abilities in any way they can. We have high expectations for 2017 and are excited to get this new Olympic cycle started”
The selected athletes are:
Nikki Gialketsis, C – Manhattan Beach, CA
Anyssa Iliopoulos, SS – Norridge, IL
Chelsea Lisikatos, UT – Cold Spring, NY
Samantha Lisikatos, UT – Cold Springs, NY
Dora Skarogianni, OF – Athens, Greece
Loren Stavrou, RHP – Long Beach, CA
Rania Zavitsanou, OF – Athens, Greece

A list of 40 athletes have been selected to an athlete pool, chosen by the coaching staff. Performance at high school, club, collegiate, national and international events is used as one of the major contributors to the selections. While some objective criteria is used to select the team, it is also recognized that there is a significant subjective element. These elements included such factors as performance, experience, positional requirements, leadership and team cohesion. To be eligible to be invited, the athletes had to be members in good standing of the Greek Softball Federation as well as being Greek citizens.
The coaching staff will consist of Tony Foti who will serve as the head coach with Shane Showalter, Shan McDonald, Angel Santiago, Candida Cerri and Babis Trigonakis, who will all serve as assistant coaches. Team manager will be Denise Horafa and the team will be led by Greek Federation president Kostis Liarommatis

First Name Last Name Hometown
Nikki Gialketsis Manhattan Beach, CA
Anyssa Iliopoulos Norridge, IL
Chelsea Lisikatos Cold Spring, NY
Samantha Lisikatos Cold Spring, NY
Dora Skarogianni Athens, Greece
Loren Stavrou Long Beach, CA
Rania Zavitsanou Athens, Greece

Coaching Staff
Position Name Hometown
Head Coach Tony Foti Winnipeg, Canada
Bench Coach Candida Cerri Bollate, Italy
Pitching Coach Shan McDonald Scarborough, Canada
Hitting Coach Angel Santiago Chicago Heights, Illinois USA
Defensive Coach Shane Showalter Pueblo, Colorado USA
Assistant Coach Babis Trigonakis Athens, Greece
Manager Denise Horafa Athens, Greece
Athletic Trainer
Team Leader Kostis Liarommatis Athens, Greece


The 2017 Women’s National Team Program will compete in the 2017 European Championship and the 2017 Jr Women’s World Championships. The purpose of this document is to set out the process that will be used by the Greek Softball Federation to select athletes to the 2017 National team.
This selection process has two objectives:
1. Select eligible athletes to an Athlete Pool. Athletes in the Pool are those identified by the Greek Softball Federation as having demonstrated potential to earn a position on a current or future national team. At any given time, the Athlete Pool represents a ‘snapshot’ of Greek talent in women’s softball.

2. From the Pool, select the best possible Teams for specific events. While some objective criteria will be used to select Teams, it is also recognized that there is a significant subjective element. Subjective elements include such factors as previous and current performance, experience, positional requirements, leadership qualities and team cohesion.

An athlete is eligible for selection to the Athlete Pool so long as they are: (1) in good standing with the Greek Softball Federation, and (2) a Greek Citizen holding a Greek passport or Greek ID (3) a person eligible for Greek Citizenship who is actively pursuing Citizenship.
To be eligible to be selected to a National Team, the athlete must: (1) meet any age requirements and (2) meet any citizenship requirements stipulated by the organizers of the event at which the Team will be competing.
Once selected to the Athlete Pool or to a National Team, all athletes will be expected to be training towards, or to meet the physical standards outlined in Appendix A. These standards on their own will not be used to include or exclude an athlete from consideration for the Pool or a Team, but they will be used by the Greek Softball Federation to measure and monitor an athlete’s training, progress and preparation.
The President of the Greek Softball Federation has delegated authority for all decision making under this policy to the Head Coach.
The Head Coach has final authority for all selection decisions, including selecting athletes to the Athlete Pool, adding additional athletes to the Athlete Pool, selecting National Team from the Athlete Pool, removing athletes from the Athlete Pool or from a National Team, and selecting replacement athletes to a National Team where applicable. In making selection decisions, the Head Coach will consult with the Manager – Women’s National Teams (WNT), and with coaching staff, defined for the purposes of this document to include assistant coaches, scouts and evaluators as designated by the Greek Softball Federation.
Athlete Pool Selection
The selection of the pool athletes will be based on:
• Previous and current performance
• Experience
• Positional requirements
• Present and projected development and/or improvement
• Leadership/Contribution to team chemistry
• Availability for competition and training
National Team Selection
Athletes from the Athlete Pool will be selected to the National Team, with the goal being to put together the best possible team for any particular event. Factors that will be considered in this selection include physical and technical aspects of the game, as well as team dynamics.
These factors, which will be assigned weight by the Head Coach, as he or she deems appropriate for the decision making process, include:
• Previous and current performance
• Experience
• Positional requirements (primary and backup)
• Present and projected development and/or improvement
• Leadership/Contribution to team chemistry
• Availability for competition and training
• The depth chart, as developed from the evaluation criteria in Appendix A
It is understood that in making selections to create the best possible Team, it is possible that the best individual athletes may not be selected. It is at the discretion of the Head Coach to name an athlete to a National Team even though that athlete may not have participated in selection camps or other National Team events.
The timelines that will be followed in selecting the Athlete Pool and selecting athletes for the 2017 European Championship Team are as follows. Note that specific events, dates and times may be subject to change.
• December 1st, 2016 – The Head Coach will identify the initial pool of athletes selected to the athlete pool. The Head Coach may add to the pool at any time.
• On or before March 15th, 2017 – The Head Coach will select athletes to participate in various events leading up to and including the European Championship, Bollate, Italy (June 25-July 1, 2017) and the 2017 Jr Women’s World Championships, Clearwater, Florida (July 24-Aug 1, 2017) Players may be selected to the team in stages, before that date, at the discretion of the Head Coach.
Alternates may be added to the Team to replace an athlete removed from the team pursuant to section 5. The addition of alternates to the team is at the sole discretion of the Head Coach and will be in keeping with the philosophy of fielding the best possible team.
In addition to the above schedule, athletes are expected to follow the prescribed training regime, take the required regularly scheduled fitness tests and be available to meet with national team staff at agreed to times and locations throughout the year.
If unforeseen circumstances arise which do not allow for this selection process or the above timelines to be implemented as outlined in this document, the Greek Softball Federation reserves the right to identify an alternate process or alternate timelines. Should this occur, all athletes in the Athlete Pool will be notified of these changes in a timely manner.
5.1 Upon selection to the Athlete Pool or Team, an athlete must:
a) Sign a Team member agreement
b) Provide the Greek Softball Federation with all required documents (passport information etc.)
c) Participate in Team events, activities and meetings, as directed by the Head Coach or his/her designate
d) Ensure they wear proper equipment and clothing
e) Obey all rules established by the Head Coach and/or Greek Softball Federation
f) Assist Softball Greece in public relations and fund raising projects where required
5.2 An athlete may be removed from the Athlete Pool or from a Team where the athlete:
a) Is unable to maintain, or being working towards, to the Head Coaches satisfaction, the training standards set out in Appendix A;
b) Is unable to meet performance expectations;
c) Is unable to perform due to injury, illness or for other medical reason as determined by the Greek Softball Federation’s medical staff;
d) Is unable to commit to National Team Program activities and events (note that an athlete may obtain an exemption from the Head Coach and the Greek Softball Federation)
e) Violates team rules and/or the Greek Softball Federation’s policies and procedures
f) Exhibits conduct that is detrimental to the image of the National Team program of the Greek Softball Federation) Breaches the Athlete Agreement
h) Voluntarily withdraws
i) Fraudulently misrepresents themselves
Where necessary and appropriate, an athlete removed from a National Team may be replaced by an alternate from the Athlete Pool.
Appendix A: Standards for National Team Consideration
Minimum Standard National Team Best
Fastball 64mph 69mph
Change-Up 15-18 mph slower than maximum

Any (2) of the following:
Rise 60mph 64mph
Curve 60mph 64mph
Screw ball 60mph 64mph

Minimum Standard National Team Best
Throw: H-2B < 2.00 seconds 1.84 seconds Glove to glove Release < 0.95 0.80 General Fitness Minimum Standard National Team Best Throwing Speed (overhand) > 60mph 68mph
Plank 2.30 min 3.45 min
Beep Test (Leger) 6.5 12
Pro Agility 5.5 4.6
Crunches 30 in 1 min 60 in 1 min
Push Ups 25 in 1 min 40 in 1 min

The Greek Softball Federation Announces 2017 – Women’s National Team Athlete Pool

The Greek Softball Federation is pleased to announce the list of athletes who have been selected to the 2017 Women’s National Team Athlete Pool. In 2017, the Women’s National Team will compete at the European Championships in Bollate, Italy, from June 25 to July 1, and the ISF Jr Women’s World Championship, which will take place from July 24 to 30, 2017 in Clearwater, USA. The team`s 2017 schedule will be finalized at a later date.

“We are very pleased to announce our Athlete Pool for 2017” stated Women’s National Team Head Coach Tony Foti. “Our coaching staff, as well as our network of coaching colleagues from across the country, have provided great feedback on strong team and individual performances. We are excited about getting to know and working with these athletes in the coming months.”

“As we prepare for 2017 European Championship, as well as the 2017 Junior Women’s World Championship, we anticipate that many of the athletes named in this pool will be representing our Greece in international competition” added Foti. “On behalf of the Women’s National Team program and the Greek Softball Federation, we would like to thank everyone who was involved in this process.”

The athletes who have been selected to the 2017 Women’s National Team Athlete Pool are:
*Alexis Bazos – Outfielder – (University of Notre Dame)
*Steffi Best – Pitcher – (Cal Poly SLO)
Marina Demore – Pitcher – (Oregon State)
*Karas Foreso – Catcher/Third Base – (Eaglecrest HS)
Nikki Gialketsis – Catcher – (Sacramento State)
*Hailey Hanson – First Base – (Mater Dei HS)
*Anyssa Iliopoulos – Shortstop – (Rutgers U)
*Mary Iliopoulos – Outfielder – (Aquinas College)
*Ryan King – Catcher – (Marina HS/Middle Tennessee State)
*Anastasia Kali Kitsinis – Pitcher – (Chaminade U, Hawai’i)
Jenae Leles – Shortstop – (Arizona/Team USA)
*Giulia Metaxia Vitti Koutsoyanopulos – First Base/Outfield – (Capistrano Valley HS/Arizona)
Chelsea Lisikatos – First Base – (UNC Charlotte)
Samantha Lisikatos – Catcher/Outfield – (SUNY Oneonta)
*Mia Marinakis – Pitcher – (Bonita Vista HS/Cal State Fullerton)
Alexis Curtiss – Catcher – (Univ. of Buffalo)
*Olivia Markopoulos – Second Base/Outfield – (Boston College)
Demi Patonis – Shortstop – (Youngstown U)
*Sophia Patonis – Outfielder – (Ravenwood HS/Alcorn State)
Eleni Polites – Outfielder – (Illinois-Chicago)
Heather Rush – Pitcher – (TX A&M, Corpus Christi)
*Eleni Spirakis – Shortstop – (Santa Clara)
Loren Stavrou – Pitcher – (Farleigh Dickenson)
Zoe Stavrou – Shortstop – (North Dakota State)
CaraMia Tsirigos – First Base – (Indiana)

Kristen Wyckoff – Second Base – (University of South Florida)
Demi Turner – Second Base – (Alabama)
*Nikki Visvardis – Shortstop – (Lockport HS)
*Katie Vretzos – Shortstop – (Benicia HS/U of San Diego)
Giorgiana Zeremenko – Catcher – (U of Pittsburg)
Dora Skarogianni – Outfielder – Greece
Rania Zavitsanou – Outfielder – Greece
*Nicolette Papavasiliou – Catcher – (Eagle Rock HS)

Konstantina Panagiotou – Catcher – (Athens, Greece)
*Ciara Mardirosian – Catcher – (Domenican U)
Paulina Anasis – Third Base – (Northwestern U)
Christina Melendez – Third Base – (St. John’s U)
Malena Padilla – Outfielder – (New Mexico State)
*Chelsea Runyon – Pitcher/First Base – (High Tech HS)

*eligible for junior national team

Athletes named to the Women’s National Team Pool are eligible to be invited to Women’s National Team training camps and selection camps. The coaching staff reserves the right to add or remove athletes from the pool at any time.

ESF Secretary General met with President of the Hellenic Softball Federation

ESF Secretary General Ami Baran met with Kostis Liarommatis, President of the Hellenic Softball Federation [under the auspices of the Hellenic Gymnastic Federation] for meetings with the Hellenic Olympic Committee President and Secretary General as well as with the General Secretary of Sports Ministry in Greece.

A few years back the Greek Sports Ministry decided to take away the independent status of the Hellenic Softball Federation and the Hellenic Baseball Federation and put them under the auspices of the Hellenic Gymnastic Federation, until that time they could stand on their own and in accordance with Greek Law.

During this time Kostis has been working diligently in trying to revive the softball programs throughout Greece and try to regain the independence of the federation. The ESF Development Commission along with the WBSC Softball Division, have put a lot of efforts in trying to assist Kostis. Equipment is already on its way and growth of teams and coaching clinics will for sure bring the change.

The fruit of the hard work came to fruition in a meeting that Ami Baran and Kostis had with the General Secretary Mr. Julious Synadinos, who immediately had his Legal team working on the preparation of the documents to allow the Softball to become independent. During the meeting the Baseball cause also came up and the proposal of combining the two sports into one Federation was discussed along with the possibilities of how it could be done so that both sports will be free legally to continue under their own federation. ESF Development has also approached equipment providers for baseball equipment as well.

Time will tell and we hope that this process will not take so long.

1st Pigasus Mixed Team Coed Slowpitch Tournament

On Sunday November 6, the 1st “PIGASUS” Mixed Team Coed Slowpitch Tournament took place at the Helleniko Softball fields with great success.

The tournament was organized by the Pigasus Neos Kosmos softball club.
This event brought together a total of 6 men’s and women’s teams:

Pigasus Neos Kosmos
Evryali Glyfadas
Daphne Palaiou Falirou
Giants Palaiou Falirou
Ionikos Nikaias
Ifestos Patras

The teams paired up and competed against each other showcasing some excellent softball.


10:00 – Pigasus (1) / Evryali – Pigasus (2) / Ionikos: 9-6
12:30 – Daphne / Giants – Ifestos Patras: 19-4
15:00 – Consolation Final: Pigasus (2) / Ionikos – Ifestos Patras: 4-1
17:30 – Final: Pigasus (1) / Evryali – Daphne / Giants: 2-1

New Coaching Staff for the 20th European Championship Women in Italy

The Greek Softball Federation (G.S.F.) is pleased to announce that the coaching staff for the 20th European Championship Women in Italy (Bollate) to be held between June 25th to 1st July 2017 consists of:

Tony Foti
(Head Coach)
Angel Santiago (Assistant Coach – Hitting)
Shane Showalter (Assistant Coach – Defence)
Shan McDonald (Assistant Coach – Pitching)
Candida Cerri (Assistant Coach – Bench Coach/Operations)
Babis Trigonakis (Assistant Coach/Trainer)
Denise Horafa (Team Manager)

All coatches staff services are provided in a voluntary basis. We would like to thank you and to wish a successful season.
We would also like to thank our last years coaching staff Jimmy Kolaitis, Kim Wright and Marina Demore for their services and we wish them all the best.

Softball in the Olympic Games in Tokyo 2020

August 3rd, Rio de Janeiro; IOC session approved the proposal of Tokyo 2020 organizing committee to include five extra sports in the 2020 Olympic Games.

Within the newly added five sports softball (women’s fastpitch) and baseball (men’s) are included as well as karate, surfing, skateboarding and sport climbing.

However this approval only applies on the 2020 Olympic Games and a repeated Olympic inclusion of softball and baseball will have to be agreed again later.

So after London and Rio de Janeiro with no softball awesomeness, get ready for Tokyo 2020!

The Olympic tournament will consist of six teams.

It’s time to take your working out seriously!
Republication: European Softball Federation

Women’s National Team 19th Place – 2016 World Championship

The Greek Women’s National Softball Team completed its 2016 season competing in the 15th Women’s World Championship in Surrey, B.C. Canada and finished 19th among 31 nations. This was Greece’s 2nd World Championship appearance after its participation in China in 2006.

The team started off facing 2 of the strongest softball nations in the 1st round. On opening day they were defeated by Cuba 8-1 followed by a defeat against China 5-1. The team bounced back and won a very strong Guatemala team 2-0.

The results of the 1st round of play placed Greece in the Round Robin Placement Bracket and would first face Austria. In a very close match, Austria came away with the win by a score of 5-4. Our next opponent was Serbia and with exceptional offense led by 2 doubles by Gialketsis and Chelsea Lisikatos & 1 by Donta, Panagiotou and Skarogianni Greece dominated Serbia 9-2. Pakistan our next opponent forfeited their game thus Greece won be default 7-0.

This moved the team to the Placement Playoff Bracket first defeating Uganda shutting them out 4-0 and then Peru by the same score.

We would then face Guatemala. It was a close game tied 1-1 for 4 innings when Demi Patonis singled scoring Donta from 3rd to put Greece ahead 2-1 which remained the final score.

Greece had secured 19th place in the tournament & would face Austria once again for the 18th spot. The game was even and remained scoreless for 7 innings putting the game in extra innings where Austria would score the only run of the game in the 8th inning defeating Greece 1-0.

With an overall record of 6 wins and 4 losses Greece remained 19th in the World and 6th in Europe.

Head Coach: Jimmy Kolaitis
Assistant Coach: Kim Wright
Assistant Coach/Trainer: Charalambos Trigonakis
Assistant Coach: Marina Demore
Team Manager: Denise Horafa
Assistant Team Manager: Zoe Stavrou
Bat Girl: Sophia Sherik

Loren Stavrou
Nikki Gialketsis
Katie Vretzos
Chelsea Lisikatos
Samantha Lisikatos
Demi Patonis
Ioanna Donta
Konstantina Panagiotou
Evangelia Stefatou
Artemis Traikapi
Efstathia Giavri
Athina Pavlou
Dora Skarogianni
Theourania Zavitsanou
Iliana Kourea